Claddagh Wedding Rings
A claddagh wedding ring just beyond your imagination. This astounding white gold
ring has the claddagh superimposed on the band's surface, as well as the words "Love",
"Loyalty", and "Friendship".

It measures 4mm for the ladies and 5mm for the gents.
It is available in 14k, and 18k polished white gold.
The ladies ring is available in sizes 4 through 8 1/2 and the gents ring comes in sizes 9 through 12 1/2.
The ladies and gents are also available in platinum.
Also available with diamond chips or emerald chips (one chip in each heart)

Item No. Description Cost CODE
2076L Ladies 14 karat white gold $451.00 RFLD044WNNU
2077L Ladies 18 karat white gold $625.00 RELD044WNNU
2078LP Ladies Platinum $1996.00 RPLD044WNNU
2076LD Ladies 14k white gold w/diamond chips $553.00 RFLD044WNNUD
2077LD Ladies 18k white gold w/diamond chips $724.00 RELD044WNNUD
2078LPD Ladies Platinum w/diamond chips $2095.00 RPLD044WNNUD
2076LE Ladies 14k white gold w/emerald chips $553.00 RFLD044WNNUE
2077LE Ladies 18k white gold w/emerald chips $724.00 RELD044WNNUE
2078LPE Ladies Platinum w/emerald chips $2095.00 RPLD044WNNUE
2076G Gents 14 karat white gold $533.00 RFGD044WNNU
2077G Gents 18 karat white gold $748.00 REGD044WNNU
2078GP Gents Platinum $2434.00 RPGD044WNNU