30mm Embossed Double Sided Celtic Cross
Designed with a deep sensitivity to the past this Celtic Cross measures
30mm in height and is approximately 2mm thick. It is double sided
and embossed. You can purchase this cross in 10, 14, 18 karat polished
yellow gold, 14 karat polished white gold, and sterling silver.

Antiquing (shown above right) is also available.

Above left shows front and back side of cross.
This cross is 30mm. Image below right shows size difference between a 23mm and 30mm
Handmade & Hallmarked in Ireland
Item No. Description Cost
2312 Sterling Silver $69.00
2313 10 karat yellow gold $265.00
2314 14 karat yellow gold $320.00
2315 14 karat white gold $385.00
2316 18 karat yellow gold $399.00
2312A Sterling Silver with Antiquing $89.00
2313A 10 karat yellow gold with Antiquing $285.00
2314A 14 karat yellow gold with Antiquing $350.00
2315A 14 karat white gold with Antiquing $405.00
2316A 18 karat yellow gold with Antiquing $420.00