Claddagh Ring with Weave Band

Exceed ones expectations with this handcrafted closed weave claddagh ring.

This ring is available is small ladies, ladies, and gents.
The small ladies measures 10mm in height from top of crown to base of heart.
The ladies measures 12mm and the gents is 14mm.
The back of the closed weave band measures 3mm in height for the small ladies,
4mm for the ladies, and 5mm for the gents.
The thickness of all three bands is about 1mm.
Available in Sterling Silver, 10k and 14k yellow gold
Small Ladies and Ladies come in sizes 4 thru 9
Gents sizes are 9 thru 12

Sterling Silver images below
Handmade & Hallmarked in Ireland
Comes in beautiful gift box
Ships from central USA Chicago IL
Online Since 1996

Item No. Description Cost  
2555 Gents Sterling Silver $55.00 14mm in height
2553 Gents 10 karat yellow gold $459.00 14mm in height
2552 Ladies Sterling Silver $41.00 12mm in height
2549 Ladies 10 karat yellow gold $359.00 12mm in height
2550 Ladies 14 karat yellow gold $420.00 12mm in height
2546 Small Ladies Sterling Silver $39.00 10mm in height
2544 Small Ladies 10 karat yellow gold $339.00 10mm in height
2545 Small Ladies 14 karat yellow gold $398.00 10mm in height