Claddagh Ring with Set Stones

Yellow and white gold combinations featured above.
Available in yellow gold and white gold.
Available with cubic zirconias
Available with combination of emerald/diamond, sapphire/diamond, ruby/diamond (3 right pictures)

Available with all diamonds (see first two pictures upper left)
Band width measures 4.5mm
Sizes are 4 through 8 1/2
Handcrafted & Hallmarked in Ireland
Comes in beautiful gift box
Please indicate stone types on order form.

Item No. Description Cost
clad29cz-10 10k yellow gold / cubic zirconias $475.00
clad29cz-14 14k yellow gold / cubic zirconias $625.00
clad29cz-14w 14k white gold / cubic zirconias $625.00
clad29cz-10w 10k white gold / cubic zirconias $475.00
clad29cz Sterling silver / cubic zirconias $79.00
clad29-10ed 10k yellow gold emerald diamond $499.00
clad29-14ed 14k yellow gold emerald diamond $599.00
clad29-14wed 14k white gold emerald diamond $599.00
clad29-10wed 10k white gold emerald diamond $1227.00
clad29-10sd 10k yellow gold sapphire diamond $895.00
clad29-14sd 14k yellow gold sapphire diamond $1095.00
clad29-14wsd 14k white gold sapphire diamond $1095.00
clad29-10wsd 10k white gold sapphire diamond $895.00
clad29-10rd 10k yellow gold ruby diamond $895.00
clad29-14rd 14k yellow gold ruby diamond $1095.00
clad29-14wrd 14k white gold ruby diamond $1095.00
clad29-10wrd 10k white gold ruby diamond $895.00
clad29-10d 10k yellow gold all diamonds $1095.00
clad29-14d 14k yellow gold all diamonds $1295.00
clad29-14wd 14k white gold all diamonds $1295.00
clad29-10wd 10k white gold all diamonds $1095.00