Trinity Knot Faith Cross

Sterling Silver with 18k Gold Trinity Knot Cross inscribed with the Ogham Faith.

Ogham script is an early form of old Irish, the first known Irish writing. The characters comprise a series of line and
notches that are scored across a long stem-line often on standing stones. In the majority of cases the inscription is read
from the bottom up and usually names the person being commemorated along with their ancestors and the carver of
the inscription. In legend Ogham was said to have been created by Ogma, the son of An Dagda. Ogma was both a
warrior and the God of Eloquesnce and Literature.

Comes with 20" Chain

Comes in beautiful gift box
Handmade & Hallmarked in Ireland
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Item No. Description Cost
BC002 Sterling Silver with 18k Trinity Knot $125.00