Round Celtic Knot Drop Earrings

Make a scene with these Irish Celtic earrings.
These stunning earrings are available in large and small sizes
The large version measure 35.45mm in width and 35.69 in height
The small version measures 21.23mm in width and 20.67mm in height
Available in sterling silver, 10k and 14k yellow gold
Also available in 14k white gold.
Larger image below.

Item No. Description Cost
E146L-S Large Sterling Silver $109.00
E146L-10 Large 10k yellow gold $1431.00
E146L-14 Large 14k yellow gold $2254.00
E146L-14W Large 14k white gold $2254.00
E146L-18 Large 18k yellow gold $3475.00
E146L-18W Large 18k white gold $3475.00
E146S-S Small Sterling Silver $80.00
E146S-10 Small 10k yellow gold $710.00
E146S-14 Small 14k yellow gold $1111.00
E146S-14W Small 14k white gold $1111.00
E146S-18 Small 14k yellow gold $1701.00
E146S-18W Small 14k white gold $1701.00