Diamond Trinity Knot Celtic Necklace
Her trendy jewelry collection may come and go, but this necklace is one she'll have forever.

This very elegant Trinity Knot necklace features three Diamonds in the center of each Trinity,
and is Handcrafted & Hallmarked in Ireland.

The larger center Trinity measures approximately 16mm in width and 14mm in height.
The two smaller Trinity knots on each side measure approximately 12mm in width and 9mm in height.
This necklace is available in 14k polished yellow gold.
Includes 14K yellow gold chain
Center diamond measures 3mm
Diamond weight .15 carats over three stones
Diamonds are round brilliant
Handcrafted and Hallmarked in Ireland
Comes in Beautiful gift box.

Larger image shown below.

Item No. Description Cost
PT-MA200DY 14k Yellow Gold $795.00