The beautifully crafted Gleninsheen Ring is a replica of the Gleninsheen gold collar;
one of the finest achievements of Irish Later Bronze Age goldsmiths. The style of the
Gleninsheen Ring is representative of the armor collars from the 8th century BC.
Often referred to as a gorget it is designed with a sheet gold ribbed crescentic plate
with stitched disc terminals. The collar is formed from a single sheet which expands
from 7.4 cm to a maximum width of 10.5 cm at the center. The Gleninsheen collar
was found concealed in a rock fissure in 1932. It is one of eight such collars still in
existence although historical sources indicate the former existence of several more.
Their distribution is very restricted, being confined mainly to counties Clare, Limerick
and Tipperary. Of eight recorded examples, six were found in the area of the Shannon
Estuary in Gleninsheen, Co. Clare.