Why is 14K gold worth less than 18K gold?
14 karat gold, isn't as pure at 18 karat gold. Therefore, 18 karat gold contains a
higher percentage of gold. 24 karat is pure gold; 18 karat gold is 75% pure, etc.

What makes white gold white and what is it?

Pure gold is usually mixed with other metals to make it harder for use in jewelry,
since it is too soft to resist a lot of handling. Usually, gold used in jewelry is alloyed,
or mixed to make the jewelry harder. White gold is produced from the mixing of
gold, copper, palladium, and zinc. Various shades of yellow gold can be created
from the mixing of gold, silver, copper, and small amounts of zinc.

What points stand out when viewing quality?
There are many characteristics that finely crafted jewelry have in common, regardless
of the manufacturing method that was used to make the jewelry. The jewelry
shouldn't have any pit, bumps, scratches or holes. All parts of the jewelry should
have a smooth finish. If the surface of the jewelry is supposed to be brushed or
have a matte finish, it should also be smooth and uniform. The shine should
resemble a mirror on every surface if it is polished.

Why do pieces of jewelry that look nearly the same differ so much in price?
Several features can affect the value of gold jewelry. One-of-a-kind, designer
jewelry can be very costly. Different finishes can alter the value, such as matte
or sandblasted. Also, heavier pieces of can be more costly than lighter ones,
because gold is often sold by weight.

What is the most appropriate way to clean my jewelry?
If you take proper care of your jewelry, it can remain looking new. Remove your
jewelry at night and put it in a safe place where several pieces will not rub against
each other. Also, avoid contact of your jewelry with substances such as perfume,
bleach, cosmetics, soap, hairsprays, etc.

Gold jewelry may be cleaned in a bowl of water containing any mild liquid detergent.
Use a soft brush to create a lather around the jewelry. Rinse the piece off, not over
the drain, in a metal or plastic strainer. Dry your jewelry with a soft, lint-free cloth.
More guidelines to cleaning your jewelry can be found in our jewelry care section.

Do you offer 9 karat jewelry?
We do not offer 9 karat jewelry since it does not adhere fully to the United States
Government gold standards. More specifically, U.S. standards stipulate that no
jewelry less than 10 karat is to be imported and sold in the U.S. Any jewelry 9 karat
or less is no longer recognized by the U.S. as solid gold.

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