Lets face it, when you purchase handmade Celtic Irish jewelry you're purchasing
a heirloom that is also a valuable investment. It is jewelry you intend to wear
with pride and to impress others with. It is therefore important to know as
much as possible about Celtic Irish jewelry, so you can make an informed decision.

Listed below is critical information when considering a purchase.

Be sure that the item you purchase is Hallmarked. This is your independent
Irish government guarantee that the item you're purchasing is made from its
advertised prescribed metals. Click here for detailed information on the Hallmark.

Handmade in Ireland
Be sure that the item you are purchasing is made in Ireland and not just
advertised as FROM IRELAND. When jewelry is advertised as From Ireland
it is often machine made in the Far East or elsewhere and is imported to
Ireland and then shipped to the U.S. Click here to learn how our jewelry is
handmade in Ireland.

Avoid 9 Carat Jewelry

It is important to note that U.S. standards stipulate that no jewelry less than
10 carat is to be imported and sold in the U.S. Any jewelry 9 carat or less is
no longer recognized by the U.S. as solid gold.

Stamping Method
Be sure that whenever possible you purchase Claddagh rings and Celtic
Crosses that are stamped from a solid sheet of precious metals (see photo
above). Utilizing the stamping method when manufacturing jewelry ensures
that air pockets and foreign particles are minimized.

Avoid Custom Charges
Avoid import customs charges by purchasing from U.S. stores. We make this
possible by shipping you our jewelry from within the continental United States;
yet you can purchase our jewelry with the full confidence that each piece has
been designed, handcrafted, and Hallmarked in Ireland. You also enjoy
significantly lower shipping costs.

Be sure that the jeweler you select stands behind their quality. As a world
class jeweler we are proud to stand behind our jewelry with a NO RISK 30 Day
money back guarantee
. Please click here for complete details.